SOLUTIONS  |  Indoor

A wooden floor from Fredsted Floors provides a beautiful foundation for bespoke and inspiring interior solutions. Complement the extraordinary floorboards by using our wooden solutions as integrated design elements in the room. We offer an integrated line of interior solutions for wall and ceiling decor, stair treads and skirting boards.


In addition we offer hand-selected raw wood planks in extraordinary or custom-fit dimensions. The designer planks offer unlimited possibilities for creating bespoke furnitures and bookcases. Interior solutions available in all species from the floor collection.

NORDIC   | Pale Oak, Silver Oak
BROWN   |  Fumed Oak, Teak, Walnut

Wooden surface can be finished to match the floor or be individually.

Interior Slats

T 30 x W 30 x L 2,00-5,00 m (for a square look)
T 30 x W 40 x L 2,00-5,00 m (for creating depth)
Other dimensions available upon request.


T 15 / 20 / 30 mm
W 30 / 40 mm
L 1,0-4,0 m
Other dimensions available upon request.

Stair Treads

T 30 / 40 mm
W 200 / 250 / 300 / 350 mm*
*350 mm not available in Walnut
L 1,0-2,0 m
Please note that we supply planks only (sanded finish).

Designer Planks

T 26 / 35 / 40 / 52 mm
W 200 and wider, up to 500 mm
L 1,00-5,00 m
Please note that we supply raw wood planks only (raw surface)
Other dimensions available upon request.