Journal 8 I The Future is Knowledge




Like a mighty oak tree in the forest, a genuine Fredsted floor will stand proudly for generations to come.


Since we embarked on our journey, we have provided exclusive solutions in high-quality hardwood and our growing reality has taught us the importance of the process from forest to floor.


A Journey of Dedication
Our values are founded, using the finest materials, the distinct virtues of traditional craftsmanship, and a design philosophy that breathes originality and honesty. We have used the last year to expand our book of references. We want to showcase our dedication to working with the best materials, because that dedication has always been fundamental for us.


In perfect oneness, our Fredsted Collections have further been accompanied by Mosa Tiles in a variety of our projects.

The Future is Knowledge

We are thankful for all the collaborations we have shared along the way, and we are truly looking forward to expanding our knowledge and collections in the forthcoming year.


Our goal for 2018 is to welcome you into a proper space where the Fredsted brand can be experienced to the fullest. The Fredsted Floors Collection Book has now landed at several architecture offices and Mosa’s newest innovative and creative MY Collection will also be pushed forward.


We look forward to embarking on the next journey with you.



FOR 2018