Journal 6 I More Than Just a Floor




The Biggest Single Furniture

Fredsted Floors is more than just a floor. We strive to keep up with traditions and create a brand that excites and inspires through well-thought-out concepts. With our heritage comes a natural responsibility. Details and good craftsmanship should reflect our passion and combined are we aiming, not only to deliver what our customers are asking for, but to exceed expectations and provide solutions out of the ordinary.


We travel often and seek inspiration in all new trends, brands, contemporary arts and architecture all over the world. With roots growing deeply in a proud design nation, we strive to become an essential part of the design elite of our times.

All our raw wood, we source from the finest and largest trees in and around the world’s forestry. We believe in high-quality wooden solutions, which also demands high-quality materials. This philosophy makes the dream of bringing the best of nature into your home possible. We see our floor as the biggest single furniture in any space – both inside and outside. Take away all interiors, leaving the floors exposed, a unique expression of its own should be left filling the atmosphere.


A Fredsted floor, is in a unique and organic material that constantly evolves in feel, expression and texture – applying countless abilities to revive and reinvent your idea of nature in design.