Journal 5 | The Fredsted Identity




The Fredsted Identity


The Fredsted-name origins from the visionary mind behind the company, Kasper Fredsted.


“A cold afternoon after hours in March 2014, the first ideas came to life. In-between architectural visits and foreign travels, Co-owner and project manager Thomas Bak, and Kasper Fredsted met up in the authentic kept Café Elefanten in the old kept Carlsberg Brewery building in Copenhagen.


Deciding on the company name had its difficulties. The name needed to hold both a story, a personality and a vision. Giving the location of our company (Aarhus), wherefrom Kasper also origins, the name took its form. Thomas with dedication to a life working with wood in all shapes, Kaspers’ from travelling the world’s finest forests and upbringing in the exclusive world of hardwood trading. With their shared passion for good craftsmanship and beautiful wooden solutions in architectural constructions, they embarked on their journey, and together shaped the heart and soul of the Fredsted Floors brand.”









With Danish blood and character as the root of our brand, we instantly committed to a proud Danish design nation, where traditions, responsibility and design philosophy are, and should remain defining values in the years to come.


Our DNA should reflect us in all aspects of our brand, the language we speak and our philosophy of creating beautiful solutions for architectural spaces. Pushing boundaries and testing materials are what drives us, and to keep our brand alive, we need to move forward and stay relevant. We need to make sense; through a quality driven Fredsted mentality, leaving our identity strongly recognizable in the whole process from forest to floor.