Journal 5 | Mosa Substainability



Cradle to Cradle® and Mosa

Sustainability is a cornerstone of Koninklijke Mosa’s mission and principles. This is an intrinsic element of a sustainable product such as tiles and of the operations of a quality-conscious company of the nature of Mosa. Cradle to Cradle is an innovative, positive and integral approach to sustainability that avoids reduction and is based on the unlimited reuse of materials: “waste is food”. This approach is highly compatible with Mosa’s philosophy, as we are convinced that the future lies solely with sustainable products which are manufactured in a responsible manner and do not pose health risks. This is a responsibility which we share with you, our customers. Moreover, this responsibility is further emphasised by the regulations that increasingly prescribe the use of sustainable construction materials.


Since Mosa adopts a fundamental approach to the company’s operations we have entered into close cooperation with EPEA, the centre of expertise founded by Professor Michael Braungart. Three years of development resulted in the award, in December 2010, of the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate to virtually all the Mosa product range. The certification procedure addresses five maincriteria: raw materials, recycling potential, energy consumption, water management and working conditions.


As a result, Mosa is the world’s first ceramic tile factory to receive Cradle to Cradle certification. However, this does not imply that our work is finished: quite the contrary, in fact, since we perceive Cradle to Cradle certification as an incentive for further innovation in the development of ceramics systems. Consequently, Mosa signed an organisational charter at the beginning of 2011, as a result of which Mosa has been assigned the Cradle to Cradle charter Organisation label that specifies Mosa’s continued endeavours to implement the Cradle to Cradle philosophy in our company’s products and processes.



EPEA has qualified Mosa tiles as “designed for the technocycle, but safe for the biocycle”, a qualification which confirms that Mosa tiles donot release any harmful compounds during their useful life and do not damage nature should they unfortunately be dumped after use. However, the safety of the disposal of our products is without prejudice to Mosa’s objective of providing for the unlimited reuse of the tiles in the biocycle or technocycle.


The main constituents of Mosa tiles are clay and sand, natural raw materials that are present in abundance in nature. Mosa C2C certified tiles are free of hazardous compounds such as lead, mercury or cadmium – the result of years of research and development in which all the ingredients used in our tiles were analysed and clas-sified to ppm (parts per million) level. This analytical programme also expressly included our suppliers’ raw ma-terials chain. The EPEA criteria governing the absence of hazardous compounds are much, much more stringent than the prevailing environmental legislation.