Aarhus, Penthouse

A two-floor penthouse apartment with sculptural staircase and wall panel design. Fredsted Pale Oak creates a natural beauty and a warm balance to the domination of white in the rooms.


Pale Oak Superior – Floors, The Nordic Collection
T 22 mm, W 200 mm, L 1,0-5,0 m

Pale Oak Superior – Fredsted Solutions, Indoor             Custom-fit panel boards made from off-cuts
Stairs, T 22 mm, W 250 mm, L 1,20 m

Aarhus Terrace

Beautiful patinated Silver Ipé. Custom-made terrace with focus on every single detail. The use of Fredsted Ipé for flooring separated by lowered and down-scaled solutions creating smaller rooms within the outdoor living area.


Outdoor deck T 20, W 90, L fix 2,00 m

Outdoor solutions Finishing board T 45, W 90, L fix 2,00 m Slats T 45, W 90 mm x custom Lower deck T 30 x 40 mm x custom lengths


Switzerland Residence

The use of Fredsted Teak indoor as outdoor creates a strong feeling of one continuous space and makes a perfectly merge with the outdoor pool area.


To minimize the change in color absorbed by difference in weather conditions the indoor floors are finished to a pale grey look to match the appearance of the silvered Teak decking outside. The project showcase a material choice with no compromise and creates the ultimate feeling of pure luxury in a modern house.


Teak, from the Floors and Outdoor Collection
T 30 mm, W 300 mm,  L 1,00-6,50 m

Still an unrealized project.


Jutland Home

Reference project from a private residence in sourthern Denmark.


Superior Interior Slats

Pale Oak Superior – Fredsted Solution, Indoor/outdoor
Stair Trads T 22 mm, W 250 mm, L 1,20
Ceiling, Interior Slats T 30 mm, W 30 mm, L 2,0-5,0 m


Using Fredsted Pale Oak interior lists for the ceiling successfully minimize the transition point from inside to outside.


Hotel Switzerland

Fredsted Fumed Oak is used to bring in warmth and a to add a natural feeling.

Fumed Oak from our Fredsted Floors Brown Collection
T 30 mm, W 300 mm, L 1,0-4,0 m

Still an unrealized project.


Skåde Villa


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An Architects Choise

Fredsted Outdoor – Teak T 20 mm, W 70 mm, L fix

Fredsted Solution – Teak T 45 mm, W 300 mm, L fix

The use of Fredsted Outdoor Teak flooring in combination with the custom build furniture piece adds to the desired minimalistic look.

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Norway Residence

The use of Fredsted Pale Oak for both the flooring area and wall decor is a true nordic choice by the architect in order to create harmony and a warm pure feeling in the light living areas.


Pale Oak Superior – Floors, the Nordic Collection
T 30 mm, W 300 mm, L 1,0-8,0 m


Pale Oak Superior – Fredsted Solutions, Indoor Interior Slats used for wall and fireplace decor
T 30 mm, W 40 mm, L fix T 25 mm, W 35 mm, L fix