Using wood for outside creates a warmness and a natural feeling underfoot. A Fredsted Outdoor deck creates spaces that are functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing. With the right design and care of the wooden deck chosen from our collection it will make a valuable and luxurious addition to any outdoor living space for years to come. The collection is designed with an option to use the same flooring indoor as outdoor. This in order to create your space with a seamless flow to remove any feeling of barriers between indoor and outdoor living area.

Fredsted available species for the outdoor collection:
TEAK Origin  |  Asia
IPE Origin  |  South America
AFRICAN MAHOGNY Origin  |  Africa
OAK Origin  |  Northern Europe

All species in our collection are sources from well-managed forest with a FSC-certification or a 3rd party documentation of legality.


T 20 / 22 mm
W 90 / 140 mm
L 1,80 – 5,00 m

T 25 / 30 / 35 / 45 mm
W 190 / 240 / 280 mm
L 1,80 – 5,00 mtr

Lengths can be customised to the application.
More species and dimensions available subject to raw material availability.


Please note that all species are durable by nature and can be installed without any surface protection. Color will immediately be affected by the outdoor environment and create a beautiful silver grey patina.
If any preference to keep the natural color of the specie, all outdoor decking must be protected by our recommended outdoor care products.


Please contact our technical support team for detailed questions relating to species selection, environmental assessment, finish selection and recommended maintenance routines.